Lacuna Artist Lofts

Who we are

BLUE 1647 is a tech innovation center established in 2013 to provide opportunities for individuals from marginalized and underserved communities to participate in innovation and tech development. Through co-working space, curated programming and the necessary resources to bring ideas to fruition, BLUE supports all forms of entrepreneurship from filmmakers and artists to engineers and designers. With a proven track record of educating and training people in IT, scalability has become a pressing priority to ensure the greatest impact possible.

Enter LACUNA, a thriving collaborative community of artists, musicians, consultants, designers and engineers. Creatives and builders solving problems and inspiring innovation every day. Approximately 250,000 sq.ft and just over 3 acres of land, LACUNA has attracted and supported businesses and entrepreneurs from in and around the city for years. The perfect campus for BLUE 1647 to continue its rapid growth providing co-working space for local startups andserving as a learning lab for students while simultaneously increasing programming and amenity.

BLUE LACUNA will be an unparalleled incubator community. A development and organizing effort centered around tech innovation and creative expression accessible to a diverse community. Together, their collective vision for a better world will create a scalable organization that inspires dreamers and visionaries to become the change-makers of tomorrow.